FAQ’s On Public Speaking

If you still are not sure that you can use professional help to improve your public speaking, presentation and communication skills. Here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. What makes a great public speaker?
    communication skills is not only about eloquent phrasing of sentences; although that does lift your presentation most importantly it is what value you bring to the table. It is important to choose your subject carefully, something you are passionate about, as most fear of facing an audience goes away if you know your subject well and are passionate about it. This will make you comfortable to talk and also bring a lot of value to all present.
  2. Should you move your hands and walk around the stage ?
    There is no hard and soft rule but importantly it is to be effective in your
    communication skills.  Sometimes just walking around stage and moving your hands can be a sign of nervousness. Your body language should be confident as nearly 70 % of communication is Non- verbal. What is important is to make your presentation effective, which will only happen if you are comfortable with the subject you are addressing. Be at ease and bring out your natural rhythm, as we all have a rhythm to our person. Don’t be excitable and in a hurry, stay calm, as your energy directly affects your surroundings.
  3. How do I stop using ‘like ‘, ‘you know ‘, ‘umm’ ?
    One of the best approach to overcome this is ask your friends to always tap you in the arm when you use it. This will make you aware of it and it is really just a lack of proper pop ups in the mind. An empty silence can be awkward but if you use the break to collect your thoughts there is nothing wrong with it. As musicians know making a mistake is okay as long as you make it confidentially.  Many great speakers have mentioned how people even use their mistakes! It is really how confidently you present yourself and if you become aware of what you frequently do when in a loss of words; you will in time automatically correct it. 
  4. How do I be myself when nobody respects how I speak?
    Professional coaching can definitely help to identify your strengths and weaknesses, the idea is to become the best version of yourself when you present yourself in public. With professional help you will gain confidence of yourself. One of the main problems in communications skills is low self esteem. This can be worked on as nobody is perfect, the idea is to be effective within your limitations and being the best version of yourself.
  5. What are public speaking personalities and styles?
    There are namely four kinds of public speakers, Reliable, Helper, Improver, and Experienced.  As the words suggest, a reliable speaker is somebody who brings a lot of value to the table and his words are trustworthy. A helper is someone who assists other people and builds team morale. A improver assists in making people better in what they do and an Experienced speaker is one who brings a lot of his own experience in the subject to the table. Broadly these are the four types of public speaker but then you also have stand up comedians who bring fun and laughter.
  6. Is there an ideal Public speaking style?
    No, each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. You have to identify your own style where professional help can assist. The ideal public speaker is one who is comfortable in front of an audience and is effective to mould opinion.  Once you explore the various styles you are able to identify which style suits you best. The idea is to find your voice.  You can even mix styles, there is no hard and fast rule, it all boils down to your comfort zone.
  7. How do I improve my public speaking skills when I don’t have any?
    Relax, you have been speaking since your very birth and it’s hard to believe none of your conversations went well? The idea is to build confidence and correct the flaws in your
    communication skills. As Einstein famously commented ‘Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid. ‘You have to find your natural rhythm in front of an audience. Professional help will assist you to understand yourself better. Everybody is gifted; it is just a question of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. To put it in other words, find your natural style.

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