Public Speaking

Benefits Of Public Speaking

Effective public speaking has many benefits from career advancement, personal development, boosting confidence , critical thinking , making new social connections , personal satisfaction , increasing your professional network , building leadership skills, developing your  vocabulary , being spontaneous and there are many other psychological benefits for enhancing your personality. 

Let us look at some of these points highlighted:-

  1. Career advancement – Effective presentation skills boost your morale and self image as it reflects critical thinking, leadership qualities, confidence, poise, and professionalism.  Being able to confidentially present yourself make’s you an asset to any organization, as it is a gathering of people and being able to confidently address a gathering makes you a leader. This opens up many opportunities in the corporate world as you have to be able to present your ideas clearly in meetings and somebody who can do that effectively will rise up fast in the corporate world.
  2. Personal development- Being able to present yourself clearly makes you stand out in the crowd as it reflects your personality.  Personal development of presentation skills is the ability to be in command of your thoughts, feeling and emotions and express them clearly to boast morale of a team. This is integral for the development of any organization.  How we present ourselves distinguish one person from another and effective public speaking skills enhances your personal development.
  3. Critical thinking – The brain is one of the least understood part of man’s organs and neuroscience is in its infancy, but what we do know is that thoughts are impermanent , transient and empty , what we identify with become’s our reality. To be able to speak confidently one must be a careful critical thinker who is able to evaluate clearly the barrage of information we are flooded with. Today our attention span due to the bombardment of information has become less than that of a Gold fish in a bowl, so to be able to captivate an audience requires one to be very clear in his mind. Public speaking helps organize our mind so that we are clear on our points to present. It is being able to have a clear stream of reasoning which comes out by our presentation and this is a skill that can be worked on.
  4. Building Leadership Skills- Any effective leader in the world has got to be a good orator otherwise he wouldn’t be able to influence people. Most of the all time great personalities have been great public speakers with effective presentation skills.  To be able to get a team to think like you and follow your instructions is the basic requirement of an effective leader. With effective public speaking skills one has the power to mould popular opinion and encourage action. By being an effective public speaker you show qualities of leadership skills so essential in the world.
  5. Developing your vocabulary – By working on public speaking you spend time on being productive with your words and learn in the process new words which separate the leaders from the masses. Using language effectively is to be able to express yourself clearly which would require you to have a strong vocabulary.  You learn to persuade by using an active voice and creating opportunities for growth.  You learn how to use a language so that you get results. You become an efficacious influence in the world and your direct surroundings.
  6. Increase your professional network- By being seen as a public speaker, you directly increase your professional network. Your circle in your professional domain grows, as you are looked at as a role model and influencer of society.  Your name is circulated among your peers and you become a catalyst for positive change. This has many benefits to your professional life as you will grow in multiple facets. Not only will people be influenced by you but you become a personality in your field to be reckoned with.
  7. Being spontaneous- This is the ability, professional presentation skills leads to, as you can even speak extempore or without any notes, because you become comfortable  addressing a gathering and your confidence is high. The human experience is a prism of the brain, mind and consciousness and although we can increase our knowledge, it is how we intelligently express it that separates us all. By regularly speaking in gatherings or public, one become’s spontaneous to the moment and flows with riveting pop ups in the mind to express.

As you can see, there are many benefits of being an effective public speaker and these skills can be worked on. Everybody is born with fear, it is one of the basic characteristics of life but if we practice and learn the art of effective public speaking, we transcend this fear and that can be the best thing that can happen to you in all spheres of life.

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