People fear Public Speaking more than Death

It’s kind of bit hard to digest, but the truth of the

matter is they do fear standing up and speaking (Public Speaking) more than anything, you can name it.

Why is it so?

It’s because of severe self-doubt and lack of training.It’s because we have not been trained on that. Never

got an opportunity to do that. Because those people we fear (our teachers, our seniors, our colleagues who

are way too critical) are in front of us and before whom we can’t speak up.

Things like how to speak confidently in meetings were never taught to us. Things would have been different if this wasn’t the case.

The main reason being the CRITICISM and we fear

what people would say if we slip up and make a mistake.

Also, for the FEAR OF FAILURE. What if, if I fail and

what if, if I botch it all up.

There are numerous public speaking workshop and training available, and giving yourself an access to the best public speaking training can make things easy for you considerably.

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What are THE LOSSES because YOU are NOT GOOD at

it or neglect to develop the skill??

I can’t tell you what would be the losses. It’s totally humongous. We lose big time.

The BIG opportunities, the BIG promotion in your company, the BIG client with bagful of money you lost,

the big OVERSEAS client who slipped off your hands just because you weren’t up to the mark in your

presentation… Yes, the BIG growth, the BIG success, the BIG money.

The BIG name and fame. Everything is related to this,

particular one skill called “Public Speaking”.

The Good News

It’s a learnable skill. It’s learnable and teachable too. Like any other skill you can learn it. All you need is

some investment of time and a COACH who can help you, encourage you, guide you and mentor you.