CEO and founder of Confident Corporate Speakers

About Me

Joshua Motikya is the CEO and founder of Confident Corporate Speakers. He is a passionate Public Speaking Trainer, Motivational Speaker and an author of upcoming book “Public Speaking with JOSH”.  He has been a top-rated public speaking trainer for a while now. The proven results in terms of boosting the people’s confidence along with the continual efforts to bring the best out of people makes him the top choice of people when it comes to selecting a public speaking trainer.

To live his dream of being a Public Speaking Trainer and to help people to overcome stage fear, nervousness and to transform their lives to lead a successful life in this competitive world, he left his high paying salary job in BRAZIL in an MNC. Despite of having many opportunities to work with top MNC’s in Brazil, he has decided to help people to transform their lives from being “Average speaker to Awesome speaker”.

Just count on Joshua Motikya for public speaking training for 15 days, and notice the change in yourself. The decision won’t be regretted, and that’s a promise.

Joshua Motikya has a wide experience of 6+ years in Bank of America, Hyderabad, India and 3+ years in HSBC and Bradesco Brazil as an Executive Manager. Having been in the corporate industry for as long as 9+ years, he has found many corporate freshers, middle level and senior management employees lacking the ability of Public Speaking (which is a top 5 must have skill in this contemporary world).

With the expertise and knowledge gained from all these years, he has designed a Practical Public Speaking Training program suitable for corporates, professionals, entrepreneurs and students. He can assure that if you follow the tips and techniques that he is going to share in his trainings will definitely transform you into a great and confident speaker forever.

Grab this opportunity to transform your life from “Average Speaker to Awesome Speaker”.

Right decision at the right time gives you more success.

Investing in yourself is the best investment of all.

“Great speakers are not born, they are made”.

So, are you ready to get training from the best public speaking trainer? Are you ready to take life-changing public speaking training for 15 days? If yes, do connect with us now.